Healthline: Video Enable Assessments UX

Project Info

Project Type:
Creative Direction:
Healthline Networks, Inc.
IxD, UX, Visual Design, RWD
March, 2013
Ellie Marks
Nelson Hernandez

Project Focus

Creative Direction
Responsive Web Design
Interaction Design
User Experience

Video Enable Assessment is one of Healthine visual learning experience products. The intent here is to provide users with a high value self-assetment tool, that can help them determine the severity of certain symptoms, like knee pain.  Through out the questions, we integrated video content which help guides the user through the experience.

One of the problem we needed to solve, was the integration of video content for mobile devices, knowing that this is a web app. For this, we did several usability tests to determined how useful was this videos to the users, which helped us find the right balance to integrated the video with this assessments.

For this project, I hired Ellie Marks to lead the user research, and the discovery phase, which she then translated to wireframes, user flows, and a few proof of concepts to pitch the idea to the stake holders.  My role was to provide creative guidance to Ellie, while helping translate product and ad requirements to the experience. Currently these recommendations are in the product road map.


Proof of concept – Mobile

Proof of concept - Tablet