Healthline – MS Buddy App (Beta)

Project Info

Project Type:
Creative Direction:
Interaction Designer:
Visual Designer:
Healthline Networks, Inc.
UX, Visual Design
April, 2015
Nelson Hernandez
Ankur Jalota
Patrick Albin

Project Focus

Creative Direction
User Experience
Art Direction
Visual Design

Healthline’s MS Buddy app allows individuals with multiple sclerosis to connect with one another and offer peer support. Each day, MS Buddy matches you with another user who has a similar profile to your own. As your match list grows, you have the option of reaching out to anyone on it, or responding to anyone who messages you.

My role in this project was to lead the design team through this exercise, helping them identify the user goals,  strategize solutions, and execute high fidelity renders and user-flows for our developers. One of the main challenged we faced was that we didn’t have an infrastructure of developers to work with, therefore we had to deliver pixel-perfect comps, detailed wireframes and user-flows to the product manager, knowing that the engineer group would look at this months later. Having said this, I’m glad to say that we just completed our beta testing, and the app is about to launch in app store.

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