Nelson Hernandez Arteaga

Hello again, as I mentioned earlier, I’m a hands-on Design and Product Leader with 10+ years of experience leading strategic design to launch innovative products. While growing and managing design teams that deliver product solutions through human-centered design methodology. Before this, I founded 3.6.75 Design where I worked as the principal product designer and creative director, focusing on helping an array of brands gain an online presence. Having worked with organizations across the spectrum from startups, design agencies, education, and small business, I’ve gained experience in various domains – healthcare, online media, pharma, real estate, finance, and technology.


Being a designer is not about making pretty things, design is not just about picking the right colors and fonts – although, they’re important. Design is about making things useful, functional – design is about creating experiences that bring users and products closer together. As a design leader, I bring this very simple, yet powerful concept to my practice. I’m a critical thinker who believes that one’s metric of success will only be achieved when bringing user-centric design principals to your product development cycle.



  • Design leadership and management
  • Creative direction
  • Design and product strategy
  • User experience
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Prototyping
  • User research

My Process

Is there a secret sauce for building meaningful products?.  Some might argue that companies like Apple have one. For me, though, the answer is simple:

  • Empathize & Define
    Understanding the problem we’re trying to solve, framing, and re-framing the problem, spending time talking to stakeholders, reviewing current metrics, interviewing users whenever possible are the building pillars of the design process.
  • Ideate
    by challenging assumptions and creating ideas for innovative solutions.
  • Design and develop
    This is where we design and build our product ideas, to quickly put it in the market to validate our hypothesis. Let users take part in the conversation.
  • Test and iterate
    Based on user feedback, we can now iterate and improve our products. Repeating this cycle will help you build brand awareness and lasting customer relationships.

Fun Facts

  • I was born in Caracas, Venezuela
  • I’ve been in the Bay Area since 2001

  • I’ve two wonderful kids, Theo and Ella
  • I live in the coolest place ever – San Anselmo, CA
  • I love bicycles

  • I’ve OCD – Obsessive Cycling Disorder
  • Venezuelan love cheese
  • Venezuelan eat an average of 1 Arepa a day


Let’s work together and make something great.