Hi there, I’m Nelson – a design leader with a strong background in creative direction, user experience, IxD, visual design, and management. Welcome to 3.6.75 Design – my little corner in the world wide web to house all my thoughts and showcase my work.


I’ve been designing digital products and leading design teams for small to mid-sized startups for over 10+ years. Before this, I ran 3.6.75 Design which was an interaction design agency. Throughout this time I had the privilege to work with companies such as CISCO, ADM, Wells Fargo, Tippett Studios, and Whil Concepts just to name a few. Today, I’m one of the lead product designers at Upwork, and from time to time I advice seed-funded startups to help them get started.

At heart, I am a relentless problem solver – a practitioner of an iterative process that helps me understand the user, challenge my assumption, and redefine the problems I’m solving in an attempt to identify alternative strategies and solutions that might not be instantly apparent. By developing a deeper understanding of the people for whom we are designing, we will develop empathy for our audiences, which will lead us to identify the right product solution to address their needs.


Feel free to explore around, check out my work, my resume, and see what I’m up to.

Featured Work

featured work
  • Less Stress. More Success - Whil: A manfulness training program
  • A Pregnancy & Early Parenthood 
Support Program
  • Roofsavvy | Roofstock Asset Management App
  • Healthline - KneeGym mobile app


Music – DJ – Old Mixes from the “Basics Sessions”

As I was getting ready to play some records for this Thanksgiving, I found some old mixes. This was back when I was playing out at the 222 club, hosting a party called "Besos".

Is food packaging becoming more user friendly?

Most of the frozen food at work comes from evol foods, which cut my attention from a branding perspective, mainly because the design of their packaging is very clean and actually useful, here is why:

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