Project Info

Project Type:
Invision prototype:
Creative Direction:
visual Design:
Healthline Networks, Inc.
IxD, UX, Visual Design, RWD
Sep, 2013
Nelson Hernandez
Ellie Marks
Jahm Alissa

Project Focus

Creative Direction
Responsive Web Design
Interaction Design
User Experience
Visual Design was a web property of Healthline Media, Inc. Our vision was to create an intuitive directory of healthcare providers where we help patients find the right provider based on their symptoms, or diagnoses and where there might be with their diagnoses. For instance, if you are experiencing an ear pain, our system could suggest the specialist you might want to consider to treat the symptom.

One of the things we attempted to solve, was catering to the deferent search use cases, e.i. users finding a doctor by specialty, vs users finding a doctor by name. To test this in our MVP, we decided to break down search experience with the following use cases, in order to minimize engineer work and validate this use cases:

Proof of concept - Flow for finding a doctor by health condition