Tippett Studio Website

Project Info

Project Type:
Tippett Studios, Inc.
UX, Visual Design
October, 2015

Project Focus

User Experience
Visual Design
Responsive Design
Web Development

Tippett Studio was founded by animation pioneer Phil Tippett after winning the Academy Award for best Visual Effects for his work on “Return of the Jedi.” Phil Tippett is a stop-motion innovator on the original Star Wars trilogy.

I was hired by the studio to redesign and develop their website, which needed to reflect the innovated work the studio is doing right now while maintaining the brand the studio has built throughout the years. Another goal was to provide an infrastructure that will enable Tippett’s employees to keep the site update. To archived this,  I worked closely with Corey Rosen – VP of Creative Marketing in designing the new information architecture of the site, I also collaborated with Kent Matheson – Art Director – VFX, who provided design guidance and creative direction. Then I developed a custom WordPress theme, which enables me to quickly deploy the new designs in a lean infrastructure that is easy to maintain.


The Results – It was a success

Once we launched the new redesign, we saw an increase of 4X in traffic, with a lot of referral and organic search traffic.