Roofstock Marketplace Redesign

Project Info

Project Type:
Lead Designer:
Roofstock, Inc.
UX, IxD, Creative Direction
June, 2016
Nelson Hernadez Arteaga

Project Focus

User Experience
Interaction Design
Creative Direction

Roofstock is an exclusive online marketplace for investing in tenant-occupied single-family rental homes that generate cash flow from day one. Our intuitive platform and world-class support team remove the stress from buying, selling, owning and managing investment properties.

The objective of this initiative was to optimize conversion rate of properties going into contract. To achieve this, I had two hypothesis, 1) The property card view needed to be redesign because I didn’t think the critical information of the property was clear. 2) We needed to bring more content above the fold.



  • At the time, Roofstock didn’t have much inventory, so the idea of implementing a search feature was off-the-table because at the time we only had 80 properties in 4 markets.
  • Due to the low inventory we had at the time, this also meant that we couldn’t work a “map view” experience which would have been my preference.
  • We needed to keep the redesign within the same visual language of the rest of the site. This meant that we needed to maintain the title area consistent with other relevant pages



1) Property card redesign

  • Reduced size so for desktop, we could fit 4 property cards in one row, stead of 3
  • Made critical information more clear
  • Overhauled the entire interaction of the card
Property Card before and after
Property Card Specs

2) introduced the concept of property categories for browsing inventory:

  • These categories were created as a mean to highlight certain characteristics of these properties; such as financial performance, property location, etc.
  • This will allow educating new potential first-time buyers about these properties features, such listings with a “higher yield” vs “higher appreciation.”


Once we launched the new design, we saw a 15% increase of properties going into contract. The new layout also generated 3% increase for new leads and inquiries for our sale team.