MyPoints Shopping Comparison

Project Info

Project Type:
MyPoints, Inc.
March, 2008

Project Focus

Art Direction
Visual Design

Shopping comparison was an API integration of My role was to oversee the entire user experience, user flows, and execute the final renderings, with CSS specs for development.

MyPoints is an online loyalty program, where shoppers earn points when making purchases through They can then redeem their points for gift cards, cash or travel.

Product Search Results

The product search result has to have sophisticated filters that will allow users to filter products by brand, product type, while sorting products by lower price, or point rewards.

For the results though, the challenge was to display the product info, along with the points reward for each item.


Product Detail Page

The product detail page consists of 5 components:

  • Product details (summary): Provide basic info, like a picture of the product, price, manufacturer, rating.
  • Featured offers: The top 3 offers of the product, this will be a sponsorship placement for our salesforce to sell to our affiliate partners.
  • Product overview: Extensive product description.
  • Rating and Reviews: It will provide a summary of the product rating, along with all the product reviews.
  • Shopping comparison: This feature is an aggregated list of stores selling the same product. This will allow users to find the best price/the most point rewarded offer.