MyPoints Retail Deal Share

Project Info

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MyPoints, Inc.
March, 2008

Project Focus

Art Direction
Visual Design

Deal share was probably one of the last product I worked on, while I was at MyPoints. The product was based on GroupOn concepts, where a group of buyers can take advantage of a great offer as a group. The differentiator here was that we (MyPoints), would promote offers from our affiliate partners, through our member-base. Then we would give an incentive to participating members by prompting them to share the offers in Facebook and Twitter.

Valuer Prop for MyPoints members:

  • MyPoints presents great, limited time, deals from top retailers everyday.
  • These deals are so great, you’ll want to share them with friends.
  • When 3 of your friends buy, you get X amount of money.
  • For prospect members:, they will see a great deal from friends they know and trust
    • They’re prompt to joint MyPoints for free to buy the offer.
    • They will earn points for shopping online, through MyPoints.

For MyPoints salesforce and affiliate partners, this was a distribute and promote a great deal through 9 million members and their friends. See, perhaps you saw the GAP is running an up to 60% off Winter Sale. Well, MyPoints will work representative from the GAP to help them get this offer viral, as quickly as possible.