Healthline Rebrand – 2016

Project Info

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Brand Identity:
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Healthline Media, Inc.
Art Direction, Lead Visual Design
March, 2016
Steve Barretto and Jahm Alissa
Tamara Birdsall
Nelson Hernandez
Jahm Alissa
Andie, Pichamon, Diego
Diego, Andie, Pichamon

Project Focus

Art Direction
Creative Direction
Visual Design

Between 2015 and 2016 Healthline went through a major rebrand, which brought the site and all its core products to what it is today. After other attempts to update the visual identity of Healthline, This time around I was able to convince the executive team the need to do a deep brand study to explore questions such as the vision and mission of Healthline, and how to best position the company against its competitor. To lead this exercise, we hired one of the most amazing creative directors I’ve ever met, Tamara Birdsall to lead this initiative. The plan was to embedded her as part of the Design Team and spend time at the company as a regular employee, so she could see what Healthline is all about.  The result of this exercise was the creating of Healthline’s brand platform.

See Healthline brand book – password: WeRule!


Once the brand platform was established, we hired Steve Barreto to partner with our Lead Designer (Jahm Alissa) to help us create our logo, based on our brand personality.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.42.35 PM

Color Pallete and Typography: 

While Steve and Jahm were refining the new logo, Jahm and I were conducting color and typography studies to design the basic visual components of Healthline’s new identity. The intent here was to create a comprehensive color palette and find a typeface that speaks to Healthline’s personality.

Screen Shot 2017-09-10 at 11.39.04 PM