Healthline – First Derm Integration

Project Info

Project Type:
Visual Designer:
Healthline Networks, Inc.
UX, Visual Design
December, 2015
Nelson Hernandez
Ankur Jalota
Teresa Lieh and Nelson Hernandez

Project Focus

Creative Direction
User Experience
Art Direction
Visual Design

First Derm is an online dermatologies service, where users can upload pictures of their skin condition to get a preliminary equal by Board-Certified Dermatologist. A dermatologist will then respond with the likely condition and possible treatment options for your skin problem.

First Derm came to us and asked us to bring them more users, since we have the #1 ranking search result for skin disorder. The ask for my team was to create several iteration of a lead-gen landing page, offering these services to Healthline’s user. One of the main things we wanted to test, was the idea of having a the form for users to upload pictures in the first page, as part of the value prop. To answer this question, we created  2  sets of use-flows build inVision, we then pitched the idea of testing this hypothesis to our stake holders.


  • Embedded form as part of the value prop: mobiledesktop
  • Place the value prop in the first page, and form to upload pictures in the second page: mobiledesktop