Healthline: Big Shots Get Shots Mobile App

Project Info

Project Type:
Healthline Networks, Inc.
Branding, Art Direction, Project Management
March, 2013

Project Focus

Art Direction
Product Management
Creative Direction
Visual Design

Big Shots Get Shots was the first project I worked on as product manager, having to create specs for developers, while managing  illustrators and translating business requirements. I also designed the the user interface and art directed all the animations.

Big Shots Get Shots is an app to help families and the kids overcome the fear of needles and vaccination. One of the best ways to make the experience of getting a shot less traumatic is to give your child something fun to play with. Healthline’s Pablo the Pufferfish app is the perfect companion for your child’s next doctor’s appointment. It is clinically proven that distraction helps ease the pain of getting a shot, so make sure your child is playing with the Pablo the Pufferfish app during their next immunization.

The Fear of Needles Has Many Names – But it is very real, and a whopping 20 percent of people have a fear of needles. There are a lot of risks associated with the fear of needles. It can prevent people from going to the doctor, getting routine blood tests, or following prescribed treatments. Modern medicine is making increased use of blood tests and injectable medications, and forgoing medical treatment because of a fear of needles puts people at a greater risk for illness and even death. For example, diabetics who skip glucose monitoring and insulin injections can put themselves in serious danger of complications.