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Healthline Networks, Inc.
UX, Visual Design
March, 2015
Nelson Hernandez
Nelson Hernandez
Teresa Lieh

Project Focus

User Experience
Visual Design
Responsive Design

I’m writing this in February of 2015, Healthline is currently going through a major rebrand, which I’ll talk more about in the near future – as this has been one of my major initiatives in 2015 and the first quarter of this year. As part of this exercise, we have put a lot of emphasis in defining our voice, our positioning, and how do we want to be perceived with our users. These new about us pages reflects the outcome of all this work.

For this project, I was the master-mind behind the site, helping the brand team visualize where and how all this new information could be showcase on the website.We were very exited about all the things we needed to tell the world about Healthline, the task at hand was to lead the information architecture phase of the project to help the brand team organize all these thoughts, keeping in mind the following goals – the need to tell the healthline story to these audiences:

  • Our users, of course.
  • Potencial employees, there is a need to stay revenant and competitive to attract great talent.
  • Media buyers and agencies, they want to know about us and our advertising solution.

For the information architecture, I decided to organize everything in 3 long pages – “about us”, “careers”, and “advertise with us”. Within each page, I bucket relevant information in a beautiful in-line navigation that makes the content more engaging, accessible, without overwhelming the user.


Once I had an understanding of all the information, and how this could be organized, I provided quick sketches and parameters to our copy writer to develop the content. As the content was developed, I worked in pararel with Teresa to creative rough wireframes and prototypes to illustrate the overall experience, and quickly move this project into the visual designer phase, where we iterated a lot with the editorial team, as the framework of the project was developed.