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Healthline Network, Inc.
Mobile, IxD, Visual Design
December, 2006
Marcus Harvey
Chris York
Nelson Hernandez

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Visual Design
Art Direction
Information Architecture
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Digital Dialogue was meant to improve communications between physical and patients. Engaging patients to take action on improve their lifestyle and health visits between in-peron visits.

The Problem: 

  • Physicians:
    • Not enough time during in-person visits
    • Visit time spent on routine info vs. high value interactions
    • No useful or actionable interim updates on patient condition or compliance
    • Compensation increasingly tied to quality and population risk metrics
  • Patients:
    • Confused about what to do next and why
    • Overwhelmed by confusing terms and “MD-speak”
    • Not sure when notifying MD is necessary
    • Inconvenient to visit the MD
    • Limited guidance to improve health, “I’m on my own”

The Solution: 


A personalized digital dialogue that brings the best of the physician directly to patients, prompting them to take action and improves their health between in-person visits through:

  • Patient education that is proven to improve patient compliance & engagement
  • Concrete to-do’s that drive action via mobile messaging and reminders
  • Tracking and assessments that monitor progress
  • Proprietary taxonomy that translates medical-speak into patient-speak
  • Integration of quality and performance measures throughout the digital dialogue
  • A solution that is customizable to MD-specific protocols and patient needs

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Product Architecture and User Flow


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