Creative Direction

I was brought in to design a mailing campaign that consisted on an offer for new customer, and a follow up note for customer who recently close on the purchase of a property through the lending firm.

I was hire by the San Francisco financial advisor group of the firm, to create a holiday card for each agent to use. The challenge was to create a campaigned that allow for a personalized greeting for the holiday season.

I was hired to create and developed the new identity for Pinnacle DB, Inc. – an architecture and construction form, focusing on home remodeling and public spaces.

As part of a promotional campaigned, 3.6.75 Design created a holiday card to welcome the new year. This was back in 2007. At the time the agency has just moved to South of Market.

3.6.75 Design was hired by the management team of 222 club to design a promotional postcard for one of their nights.