Creative Direction

Supporting families in the workforce to navigate pregnancy and early parenthood.

A new content experience to simplify meaningful information about drugs and medications.

In 2014 Healthline Network, Inc. went through a rebrand. Mainly because there was the need to make more aligned with its audience, while maintaining a B2B feel that the enterprise devision of the company could embrace.

Personalized and approach reading experience to feature patient stories.

Healthline’s Knee Gym app contains over 40 different easy-to-understand exercises for people with osteoarthritis of the knee. is a web property of Healthline Media, Inc. The site was build with the intent of helping users coming to find a health care provider. To archive this, we integrated Healthliene's taxonomy with's API.

The intent here is to provide users with a high value self-assetment tool, that can help them determine the severity of certain symptoms, like knee pain. Through out the questions, we integrated video content which help guides the user through the experience.

Healthline Topic Center Redesign 2012

Hollenbeck Associates, Inc. Known today as the Hollenbeck group, hired Nelson to create booth banner for one of their clients, JEM America Corp. The challenge?, well – I only had 24 hours to design and deliver this to the printer.

I was brought in to design a mailing campaign that consisted on an offer for new customer, and a follow up note for customer who recently close on the purchase of a property through the lending firm.